Indoor Pool Heating and Ventilation

Heating, Dehumidification and Ventilation

Heating and Ventilation of the pool hall is one of the most important decision and investments to be made in your pool project.
Castle pools can Provide a design and installation service for the full Ventilation and Dehumidification of the pool hall.

In small Pools and Spas, ducted air distribution may not be a necessary requirement, for these applications we can provide a full 

range of none ducted Air Heating and Dehumidification units.
The Vaporex range includes Floor mounted, Wall mounted, or through the Wall  mounted  Air Heating and the Dehumidification units.
These units are available with LPHW or Electric air heating, and they provide heat recovery from the Dehumidification process.

For larger pools particularly if there are large glazed areas then we recommend a fully ducted Heating and Dehumidification system.
We have been installing Calorex AHU’s for over 30 years and have a vast experience in the Design and installation of fully ducted systems.
The AHU’s that are most commonly used for larger Pools are the Calorex Delta or Variheat models.

Which ever system is best suited to your pool we will ensure that maximum performance and efficiency is part of the design criteria.
Whether or not your system is ducted or non-ducted the concept for both installations shall be the same.

The pool hall shall be kept at a slightly negative pressure to prevent any vapors or heat penetrating the building.
Also the ambient heating and ventilation system shall operate between occupied and unoccupied mode, this will mean that when the

pool is in use or uncovered the AHU operates at its maximum performance, when the pool is not in use and is covered the air temperature

will drop down to set-back temperature, usually 21°c and the main fan speed will slow down to its minimum level, along with fresh air exchange.

This will ensure that your pool hall is running at its most efficient level while protecting the pool building.

AHU Ducted System

The AHU for pools using a fully ducted system will control the Humidity level in the pool hall, Fresh air exchange,  Air heating and Water heating.  

Energy that is produced from the Dhumidification of the pool hall is harnessed and use to help heat the pool water.

Additional heat input will be required from a primary heat source for the LPHW supply, this can be from a Heat Pump or conventional Oil or
Gas boiler.

Below is a short video on the operation of a Calorex Delta AHU,  along with a typical example of drawings and duct work installation.


Local dehumidifiers are a less costly option than a fully ducted Heating and Ventilation system.
They are a perfect solution for pools with a small surface area and when the pool hall does not have a large glazed area.

They maybe use on larger pools even with moderate glazed areas, however the consequences are that there may be some  condensing on 

external glazing when the pool is in use or uncovered, however this is usually only the case when there are colder weather conditions.

Most pools using dehumidifiers will require ambient heat from either heater batteries incorporated into the dehumidifiers or underfloor
heating.  Additionally there will need to be a small fresh air exchange unit to introduce fresh air to the pool hall.

A typical example of the above is given below, the pools in the images below have local Dehumidifiers, one through the wall unit and  one wall mounted unit at opposite ends of the pool, and also an independent fresh air exchange unit. 

Pool Water Heating

Indoor pool water heating is usually through heat transfer from a local Heat Exchanger using LPHW from a Gas / Oil fired boiler or a Heat Pump source.

Heat from Solar input is also possible using a separate Heat Exchanger, however this heat is usually just supplementary, unfortunately
we do not have the climatic conditions to ensure consistency to maintain pool water temperature.

Indoor pools with an AHU and a fully ducted air distribution system usually have the LPHW heat Hxchanger for pool water heating Incorporated into the AHU.
Pools that use local dehumidifiers will require a separate pool water Heat Exchanger for heating the pool water with the LPHW coming from a Gas / Oil fired boiler or a Heat Pump source.

Typical example of this is given below.

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