Pool Care

Pool Care

Now that you have your new pool you will need to keep it in prestige order and the most important part of this is sanitation and pool water clarity.
You will have many options with regarding the water treatment and sanitation in your pool, some of these will depend on your budget, however

there is a solution for all circumstances.

Options for pool water maintenance which we can offer are listed below.

Oxgen Technology-(ChlorineFree)
Active Oxygen, the latest chlorine-free disinfection technology, based on the excellent combination of chemical aids and Active Oxygen. 

Removing of all impurities as well as bacteria through filtration, thanks to the unique mixture of coagulant and the use of flocculant, FLOC+C.

 After injection through the coagulation mixer it will gather even the smallest impurities to create larger floccules that can be perfectly filtered by the special

 AFM (Activated Filter Media).

Using the ASIN AQUA Oxygen System, this will minimise the chemicals to keep the water clean and safe. 

The principle of good disinfection and removal of algae is the modern polymeric non-oxidative ALGICIDE, which is comfortable for the skin.

The OXYPURE preparation then only serves for oxidation of water and its sparkling appearance.

Ozone Water Treatment
Ozone is an excellent sanitiser for swimming pool water, particularly private pools, Ozone O³ is a Gas.  It is generated on site in the plant room 

with an ozone generator.
Ozone  although it is an excellent sanitiser, it has a short life span by comparison to Bromine or Chlorine, therefore as it enters the pool its ability to sanitise diminishes very quickly, so it is necessary to have a small quantity of Chlorine or Bromine in the pool water when using Ozone, the Chlorine level can be as low 

as 0.5 ppm, this should not be an issue for even the most sensitive skin. How Ozone O³ Works.

Salt Water Pools.
A Salt water pool offers bathers the comfort of swimming in a soft saline water solution, with our advanced salt water systems it is possible to operate 

with a salt level of 2500ppm, at this level there is almost no salt water taste even to the sensitive palette.

Chlorine or Bromine
Chlorine and Bromine are two of the most common pool water sanitisers, although they have got some bad press for irritations and odours, 

this is usually because there is poor maintenance of the water balance, the water balance is the most critical factor of any pool water chemistry.
If good water balance is maintained throughout the pool Chlorine or Bromine should not give any irritations or odours provided they are kept at the correct levels.

Pool Water Chemistry control.

Other mitigating factors will be the quality of the Chlorine or Bromine, some cheap self-branded products will most likely cause problems for both the Bather and
the pool structure.

At Castle Swimming Pools we only supply the highest quality chemicals for the maintenance of your pool, with full technical support on and off site.

Castle Swimming Pools are a fully approved supplier for Bayrol pool chemicals.

Below you will find a full introductory to these chemicals along with associated chemical data sheets.

The Pool chemicals we offer include:

Bayrol 4 Treatment Steps

  • pH Regulation

  • Water Disinfection

  • Algae Prevention

  • Flocculation / Clarifer

Pool Volume Calculator

Bayrol Chemical Data Sheets

Data sheets on our pool chemicals are available below.
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view files.

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