Pool Types

The type of a pool will cover three main things.

  • Will your pool be Freeboard or Deck Level?
  • What will the Shape of your Pool be?
  • What will the depth of your pool be?
Please read on for explanations on all of the above along with explanatory images.

Deck Level Pools

Deck Level pools are becoming increasingly popular for residential use.

A deck level pool will have the water level at the same level as the Pool Deck, the water cascades over the top of the Pool into an overflow channel.
Deck Level Pools will give the bather an almost wave free swim, the waves from any swimming action are dissipated into the overflow channel.

Below are some images of Deck Level Pools.

Freeboard Pools

Freeboard Pools are the most common type pools for residential use.
A Freeboard Pool means that the water level will be between 70mm and 150mm down from the pool deck.

This type of pool is less expensive to construct when compared to a deck level pool, and will also have a less expensive operating cost.
Also with a low Freeboard of 70mm this type of Pool this is quite aesthetically pleasing.

Below are some images of Freeboard Pools.

Pool Shapes & Depth

The Shape of your pool is very important. It should compliment it's location and also be practical. 

Almost every person who decides to build a pool dreams of designing their own pool. 

The shape of your pool is important because whether it is Indoor or Outdoor it is recommended that it is fitted with a Heat
Retention Cover, and while Freeform Pools may look very well they are extremely difficult and expensive to cover.

The current trend for pool depths is to have the one continuous depth throughout the pool, this is usually between 1.2m &1.4m of water.
There are a number of reasons for this, Safety is one obvious reason, and others are Construction cost, and Running costs.

Contemporary, fully customisable pool styles.