Outdoor Pool Heating

Heat Pumps

A Heat Pumps function will capture free heat" from the ambient outside air, before transferring this heat to the pool. This system efficiently maintains a comfortable temperature.  Irish customers will be pleased to know that they do not need to rely on sunshine to produce heat. In fact most models continue producing heat right down to -10 c. 

A full Inverter heat pump offers the ability to vary the heating capacity to suit weather conditions.  Low noise rotary compressors and low noise variable speed fan motors reduce ambient noise and energy consumption. 

It is also possible  to intergrate  Solar Heating with your Heat Pump using a separate Heat Exchanger as shown Below. 

Heat Exchangers

Heat exchangers are the method in which heat can be captured through a heat pump and transferred to the pool. 

Heating from a Gas or Oil fired boiler can be the soul heat source for heating your pool, however it can be configured in conjunction
with a Heat Pump and also Solar for additional heat source input.

The use of a boiler with a combined heat exchanger can be used for rapid heat up of your pool, and then top-up heat can be supplied through a Heat Pump and / or
Solar heat exchange.

Examples of this are given below.

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For additional information on outdoor pool heating contact Castle Swimming Pools today.