Manual Pool Covers & Winter Covers

There are three main types of Manual pool covers. 

Heat retention Foam covers are most suited for indoor pools, Heat retention covers are usually based on an insulating foam layer protected by a top laminate. 

Solar Bubble covers are suitable for outdoor pools.

To decide which type is correct you have to ascertain where the pool is located and how it is managed and used. 

Outdoor pools also need a winter debris covers.

Heat Retention/Foam Covers

Heat Retention or Foam Covers are generally used on Indoor Pools Private and Commercial.

Manual Reels

The manual Telescopic Reel System is an anodised aluminium tube with polished stainless steel end stands, plastic bearings and steering wheels with PVC handles.
Manual Telescopic Reel Systems come complete with all the necessary straps and fittings as well as an easy to follow instruction guide to ensure a quick installation.

Manual Reels can be supplied with a range of different end stands to suit all types of installations

The telescopic tube is available in two sizes, the small tube which telescopes from 3.05m to 4.57m (10' to 15') pool size and the large extending from 4.88m to 6.4m (16' to 21') pool size.

Winter Debris Cover

A Winter Debris Cover will reduce the risk of frost damage to your pool and water discolouration from leaves and other debris. They can be supplied in a wide rang of colours, with a range of fixing types to suit the pool surround.

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