Spas & Hot Tubs

As specialist installers for Spas and Hot Tub’s we primarily design and provide bespoke in-ground solutions as these can be quite complex.

The equipment pack for these type of Spas are usually located in a separate plant room, this means that the bather may enjoy the Spa or Hot Tub experience
without the noise radiating from the pumps and air blowers packed beneath the traditional Spa /Hot Tub. 

We are also experienced in providing hardtop rollback covers both manual and motorized, this means there are no issues with storage or removal of heavy
standard insulated covers.

Castle pools are an approved installer for Spas and Hot Tub’s from both the B.I.S.H.T.A. (British & Irish Spa & Hot tub Association) and also S.P.A.T.A. (Swimming Pool & Allied Traders Association) We can also Supply both Acrylic and Stainless Steel Spas with or without equipment pack located beneath the shell pending your individual requirements.

Below you will see some In-ground Spa & Hot Tub installations completed by us.

Inground Spas

For Indoor or Outdoor installations, an in-ground spa is the perfect choice for those who want to make their Spa / Hot Tub a more permanent feature of the home.

Above Ground Spas

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