Outdoor Pools

Liner Outdoor Pools

Aesthetically Liner Pools will look exactly like tiled pools with most people only able to tell the difference upon touch.
Liner Pools are extremely durable and easy to clean, reinforced liners have a 10 year replacement warranty.

Pool liners are available in a range of Pattern finishing's such as Tiled, Marble and Plain Colours, 

and now there are even textured finished liners in the reinforced range.

Liner Pools are suitable for both indoor and outdoor pools, Liners are our most popular Pool finishing application.

Liner Pools are quick to install and are less expensive to construct than Tiled reinforced concrete Pools.

Liner Pool construction will have a reinforced concrete base with walls constructed of either concrete blocks or GRP panels. 

It is also now possible to construct completely insulated Liner Pools.

Tiled Outdoor Pools

Tiled pools are usually finished with a Porcelain or Ceramic tile, the construction of the pool basin is usually reinforced concrete for both floor and walls.

The general construction of a concrete pool will be a 300mm thick reinforced concrete floor slab.

The rising walls will also be 300mm thick with reinforced steel, sealing between the floor and walls is with a hydrophilic strip to ensure water tightness.

The concrete shell must be strong enough to withstand both internal water pressure and external hydrostatic water pressure.

The pool basin must be completely watertight before tiling , tiling of a concrete pool is purely aesthetic.

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