Automatic Pool Covers

Castle Swimming Pool has been installing the AquaTop and AquaGuard pool cover for almost 20 years, manufactured in North Belgium by Technique & Application who are now one of the leading manufacturers of Automatic Pool Cover in Europe.

If you choose an AquaTop Cover for your pool you will have the reassurance of knowing that it is a high quality product installed

by Castle swimming Pools whom will also provide you with a reliable after sales service.

AquaTop Automatic Pool Covers

Aquatop come in an extensive range of possibilities and offers a unique customized covers.

AquaTop is an automatic pool cover, the slats of the AquaTop automatic pool cover are made out of extruded PVC or PC (polycarbonate) profiles.

Polycarbonate slats offering higher shock resistance (442 J/m) making them hail resistant, and a better resistance to low and high temperatures (-30/+120°C) for Indoor pools, and Solar slats for Outdoor pools.

AquaTop can be integrated perfectly in many shapes and constructions, energy saving is the main advantage of this cover.
AquaTop covers may be deck mounted or under deck mounted, the cover can be locked closed to prevent unauthorised use of your pool and also comes equipped with hand held remote control.

AquaTop  now offers increased safety for the cover using the TopLock device, this lock can be a simple manual system or completely automatic.

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