Pool Refurbishments

On Site Pool Liner Indoor

On-site pool lining is a strong durable PVC reinforced membrane, it is available in a variety of colours and pattern finishes. 

It is suitable for both commercial and residential pools, it can be tailored to any shape, including steps and water features.
On-site pool lining is now also available in a pattern and textured finish, it is an ideal solution for both new and refurbishing pools.

For pool refurbishments it is an ideal solution for pools which have structural leaks or indeed pools which have issues with tiles falling off.
The on-site reinforced pool liners have a 10 year warranty, and with a life expectancy of up to 30 years.

For replacement pool liners refurbishment works can be turned around from emptying pool to re-filling in as little as one week.
We have been installing reinforced pool liners for over 30 years, our team at Castle Pools carrier out all are own on site pool linings,
we do not outsource this work to third parties, therefore we have complete control over the product and craftsmanship from start to

finish of your pool project.

Below you will see some images of new liner pools and also pool refurbishments.

Refurbished Liner Pools

New Liner Pools

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