Bromine & Chlorine Swimming Pools

Bromine & Chlorine 

Bromine & Chlorine (Fully Automatic or Semi Automatic)

The bromine or chlorine level in your pool maybe controlled Semi Automatic or Fully Automatic.

Semi automatic control is through a and erosion feeder located in the plant room which is controlled manually pending on pool usage.

For fully automatic chemistry control we are recommend ASIN Aqua Home Chemistry controller

It is now possible to control and monitor your pool water chemistry 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even remotely.
With the very latest technology in chemistry control we can provide the ideal solution for continuous water chemistry monitoring both
on-site and from remote locations  from your phone app or desktop application.

If you have purchased an ASIN Aqua Home Chemistry controller we will provide free monitoring of your pool water chemistry for the
first 12 months. We can also provide weekly and monthly Service calls to ensure your pool is clean and chemically correct and ready for use.

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