Chlorine Free Swimming Pools


Using the very latest technology in swimming pool chemistry control, along with high-quality pool water chemicals it is now possible to have

a chlorine free pool.  The ASIN AQUA Oxygen System provides the cutting edge chlorine free technology for crystal clear healthy water.

With the use of Oxy Pure (activated oxygen) and the precise control of pH, Algicide & Floc, along with appropriately sized filtration this will provide 

a chlorine free solution for your pool.

It can be easily incorporated into new swimming pool‘s when specifying the filtration installation.
For existing chlorine pools the filtration may need to be upgraded.

N.B. Upon initial start-up of a pool and technical equipment it is recommended to shock dose the pool and associated pipework with chlorinated water to ensure that there are no hidden impurities throughout the system.

Once this has been carried out then the system can be changed over to the ASIN AQUA Oxygen System, thereafter you can enjoy your chlorine free pool.

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